In this category, WatsHub reviews computers, it’s types, hardware and peripherals. Our reviews consider many factors related to computers. However, some major ones are processing power, internal storage space, longevity, on board options, power supply, display quality and overall build quality. The three basic types we cover in our reviews are laptops, desktops and Chromebooks.


Laptops generally had portability as the biggest selling factor and lagged behind in processing power of a desktop. This has changed and powerful laptops available in the market are catching up to desktop computers. In our reviews we cover laptops from nearly all manufacturers on several factors that give you agility, power and portability.


Desktop computers have been around for decades and were the oldest generally used computers there are. They lack portability as these desktop computers are boxed computers that need a power source all the time. However, as far as extended period of usage and stability or continuity and customisation goes desktop is your best bet. They usually offer better performance in budget compared to laptops and are cheaper to repair or upgrade. They come with several components like a monitor, keyboard and a mouse etc. unlike a laptop where everything is bundled as one. Furthermore, they offer better sound as a result of separate speakers that you can attach to them. You can also slot different chips to a circuit board or a motherboard to upgrade your computer’s RAM, graphic cards, sound cards etc.


The more cheaper variant of laptop but it only runs google’s chrome operating system. Unlike desktop or laptops where most of the data is stored on computer’s hard drive, Chromebook stores most of its data on cloud or online.


When it comes to computer accessories, we review accessories available for all types of computers and through rigorous research determine compatibility and whats best for you.

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