OK, Boomer

OK, BOOMER, is well deserved. Being an old school at heart, maybe not by date of birth, I realise that there are certain traits boomers have that are absolutely riveting. I talk about the corporate world, not generally. We all have boomers in our lives; family boomers are annoying too, though at the organisations / workplace, that same grandpa/ma tends to be even more than their usual.

In 2020, even the youngest boomer will be 56 years old, so in theory, after four years, they should all retire from the professional domains, but we all know they won’t let us be on our own. No, not so easy. They’ll keep haunting us in the corporate world trying to coach and consultant us to death, charge us an hourly to tell us how they changed the world, how to do things in a better way but never address anything specific or produce an output.

Both good and evil is prevalent in our culture because of their handed down practices, and some remnants exist in our organisations; Strictly keeping it to the professional ones here are some remnants I feel are still prevalent;

Listed down are a few, (feel free to add more in the comments section)

Respect me. I am old: 

Being old may help get sympathies and respect on the road, in buses and trains but not at the workplace. Repeating old stories to command respect or knowledge gained through experience is zero to us. Produce something noteworthy in the present. Get respect by teaching a skill rather than those old lectures about management. Early management theories maybe relevant, but no one born after 1980 likes to sit with you and hear your stories at a pace that’s frustrating at best.

I Know Technology:Boomer Struggling with Tech

Let’s be honest; they don’t know technology and struggle to mix their paper-pushing days with the digital age or workplace, to somehow become relevant. You took the long route we don’t need to.

I like sending Boomer Emails:

Boomers love sending long emails with jargons that only their type can understand and they take their time. Highlighting and using bold or italics style along with their long chain of emails is just frustrating to say the least. Don’t get me started on the organisation wide memos and printed booklets.

When I was your age: 

When you were my age, you had buggies, and the internet was witchcraft. Our time is different, and we have tools and gadgets that made our lives easier. It doesn’t mean I have to sweat and spill blood to get every menial task done.

I Love Boomer Quotes: 

A boomer is not complete without a healthy stock of boomer quotes and art of delivering them when it hurts the most is an executive boomer function. Better than being smug and quote those ancient quotes, why not just help. You know google can tell me about that quote and who said/did what. I can come back to ask you why you quoted someone who started a war or was the reason why millions of people are dead or was a complete nobody. Check this for 31 Things Boomers Love That Most Millennials Just Don’t by Buzzfeed.com

I have Boomer Friends:

Boomers are friends with other boomers, so they are all alike. Mostly on senior positions in organisations, but their powers are fading, desperately clinging on to these positions before losing them to young ones. They can’t sell or develop Business anymore because selling as a process has changed. Your golf club buddies struggle to get you the deals cause, unlike the old days, we can ask questions.

I Started this Business with 50$: 

Well, good for you. Where are you now? How many epiphanies you need before you run down your Business in the ground entirely.

I always did it this way: 

More like we did it this way. Try anything new at the workplace, and a boomer would be silently observing Boomer VS Millennial Workplace(savouring to bicker about it later on) if they have no power or intervene profoundly like you took a toy off them. Point fingers and highlight minor mistakes, delay, or create nuisance about little things.

I Wanted you to learn: 

They spend their lives teaching lessons. When you fail or if you are ambitious, there is no demographic that can be a better buzzkill than them. They’ll know you will fail, but they would stay not only quiet but also make sure that you don’t succeed. To prove themselves right.

I Work 9 to 5:

It’s the boomer gang in organisations that insists on 9 to 5. Well you may be dealt a bad hand, but we don’t like 9 to 5, some of us may produce better results in 3 hours and enjoy spending time doing other things—work from home or remotely.. wearing clothes that are comfortable and have peace of mind.

Friendly Boomer:

Fake smiles, useless small talk, and sneaky ways to say bad things that others can’t in the organisations. Well, the friendlier you get.. the creepier you get.

As these GEN wars wage on, people like me (GEN Y) must see the funny side of it until we have beef in it ourselves (Yet).

(feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section)

By Adam Hayes

Adam contributes to tech and some sections of lifestyle. He is mainly a blogger and shares his views in blogs on current events.