Inspiration: Cheap Thrills

Normal is the pre-historic.. ok boring (at least)..  you need to adapt, invent and disrupt the prevailing for triumph. But It’s difficult to reinvigorate yourself, find the creativity and will to keep on going towards whatever difficult thing you’re after. Some read books, consult mentors and or watch inspirational videos of gurus talking about THE success formula. Yes what I’m saying is not new but give it a go. Having done all of the above and finding them all useful, I recently found inspiration in a more untraditional source.. an inspirational music video.

Having witnessed a sharp decline in quality of music these days, you either resort to old songs or look hard for tunes that you find your love in. But I am not just talking about the song here its the video and what it implies.

I am a big fan of #Sia and used to on and off find #SeanPaul music interesting. A recent video cheap thrills caught my ear, the beat is dope but I just can’t stop watching the two dancers absolutely kickin’ it on the dance floor.

Inspirational Video: The Buildup

The setting of this inspirational video is of a dance contest in TV’s black and white era and all the participants are dancing to the beat in a slow and composed manner of those times. A man is judging them and taking notes. What disrupts this normal are two dancers whose faces are covered (Trademark of Sia’s Videos). When given chance they start a different more fast paced dance, and immediately they get the piercing bizarre looks from everyone. The audience to dancers and even the cameraman is bemused. However, they keep on kickin’ it till all the others are out and they are declared winners. They don’t stop there, they invite others to the so far occupied floor and dance till the end of the video till everyone joins them and even the judge who is totally struggling and out of sync becomes a part of it.

Here’s what I take from it..

Do your own thing, enjoy it and keep at it  

People would look at you differently, with disgust or fear. You’ll get an earful of “things wont change” , “this is how its done” , “not suitable” and “you are wasting your time”. If it conflicts with the normal get ready for a helluva ride.

Inspiration - disgust


Preachers of the old and normal will be judge you as the weird one. You will face hurdles. Keep your focus and don’t become their enemy, they are the people around you and you’ll need them (later on). What you’re doing is new to them and they just don’t know it yet. But if you have faith and enjoy what you’re doing you will get through. Don’t be discouraged. You might fail but this failure is nothing compared to the joy you’ll get, once you make it and inspire others.

Wins are temporary and something new will replace you if you stop!

Prepare and be good at it 

When you’ve got the stage you should be prepared. Half baked goods, shakiness or shyness wont do you any good. Do your homework and be ready for what you’re gonna face. You will be called lucky or an overnight success. It’s only you would know the struggle you’ve gone thru and it may not be recognised even later on.

Don’t Stop until the legendary 

Even when you’ve won, do not stop till you’ve achieved the status of legendary and have instilled your passion / inspiration and mission in others. Wins are temporary and something new will replace you if you stop.

Bring in all the Others

Some may join themselves but others you’ll have to include and invite. Give others a chance to shine, give them the stage to show what they’ve got. Your practice if a success will be temporary if its not followed by others. With time everyone will join you and the frowns will go upside down.

Abnormals or disrupters should keep at it and piercers should give them a chance (nothing new.. but see the video you might just get inspired).

I have had my fair share. Still do sometimes. Have you ever faced such looks? Are you the piercer? Share your experience.

Interested in watching the Inspirational video? 

By Adam Hayes

Adam contributes to tech and some sections of lifestyle. He is mainly a blogger and shares his views in blogs on current events.