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It’s time like these that we ought to look for inspiration and motivation. For some of us, difficult is an understatement. Especially our young ones who are facing a crisis for the first time in their lives. What to do as a parent? How to get them to engage in productive activities and keep them inspired and motivated?

Our Youngsters Need Guidance and Support

Different age groups of our population are responding differently to the crisis. I feel our younger ones need a pat on the back as most of them have not seen difficult times like us who are in our 30s, 40s and 50s. Those born in the 90s especially in the US have literally seen no or very mild hardships with such a massive effect on the society. Correct me if I am wrong but the most recent difficult time witnessed socially and economically was during the 2008 economic recession. So, even the oldest youngster born in 90s is now 18 years old.

It’s safe to say that this pandemic is the first real crisis event for a lot of kids. Kids, who are made to stay at home by most parents which is obviously, not their most favourite activity. They can’t go to schools and only have their mobiles to look at. The most disturbing thing with us parents is that we don’t want them to spend a lot of time staring in to their mobile phones and don’t want them to go outside as well. So, What to do? Movies.. how many can you watch? Netflix? How many of them can you binge and for how long?

What to do?

The answer is books and getting them motivated to learn something new and not spend all their time in useless activities. Most kids need the right guidance and if they have interest in the field, they can really learn and flourish in that trade. I learned a long time ago that the more you push your kids based on your interests, the more they will rebel and not want to emulate. After all beside a few rare cases, how many great footballers or tennis players or baseball players have kids who are also great at the same sports or trade?

After a certain age, let them make their own decisions. But make sure that we are keeping them motivated and inspired to whatever they want to learn. I have seen many engineers who hate engineering and always wanted to be involved in other trades. After their boring day jobs, they would love spending time doing whatever they wanted to do since childhood. However, they ended up educating themselves in fields chosen by their parents.

To keep your kids motivated and inspired or get them interested in reading books, I have selected a few inspirational / decorative pieces and poster that you’d want around the house or just give them as gifts to make them feel good.

Inspirational Decorative Pieces & Posters (Buy them from here)

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