Manual breast pump and milk at background

Breast pumps can be a really helpful tool for mothers willing to provide this liquid gold to their little ones especially if you are a first time mom. New moms can find breast feeding / lactation quite stressful if there are problems like latching issues, breast engorgement, preemie babies to deal with or pressure to go back to work. However, with the help of an effective breast pump, these problems can be easily managed. While making a decision between types of breast pumps; frequency of pumping, need for a double pump, budget, breast flange size and portability play an important role.

Furthermore, your preference for open or close system pump also affects your decision. Remember, manual ones don’t come with rechargeable battery or battery pack and are cheaper than electric ones. Manual ones are flexed by hand and can be draining sometimes on the hands and nipple.  If you are a mom who:

  • wants to increase her milk supply,
  • needs to relieve an engorgement when infant is unavailable for feeding,
  • is unable to feed from both sides due to health issues or baby’s preference
  • wants to have a stash for later use or
  • cannot afford an expensive electric pump,

then manual pumps are the right choice. We have selected a few suitable manual pumps for you.

For hospital grade breast pump, double breast pump (double electric pump), please see our review for advanced breast pump.

Mom’s Choice: Top Five Manual Breast Pumps (Buy them from here)

Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump Best for Everyday Use BUY FROM AMAZON
Nuk Expressive NUK Expressive Manual Breast Pump Best for Pumping During Travelling BUY FROM AMAZON
Medela Harmony-BP Medela Harmony Hand-Held Pump Best for Increasing Milk Supply BUY FROM AMAZON
Haaka Breast Pump Haaka Breast Pump Best for Infrequent Pumping BUY FROM AMAZON
Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump Comfortable, Best for Working Moms BUY FROM AMAZON


1. Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump (Best for Everyday Use)Philips Avent Manual Comfort BP

Avent has certainly done its homework while designing its feeding range especially this amazing model. You can definitely pump in style with Avent’s Manual Comfort pump. This one is our all-time favourites for the following reasons:

  • Compact
  • Powerful suction
  • Reclined pumping to avoid back strain
  • Easy disassembling for effective cleaning
  • Silicone lining which makes the most comfortable machine in the hand-held range
  • Easily available replacement parts
  • Can be sterilised in microwave
  • Cost-effective

Amongst other manual pumps, this model has proven to be the most durable one. So, if you plan on pumping multiple times a day, Philips Avent has provided a right solution for you.

The only down-side to this pump is its compatibility only with Avent bottles having wide neck.

2. NUK Expressive Manual Breast Pump (Best for Pumping During Travelling)Nuk Expressive

Looking for a pump for infrequent pumping and your baby has a preference for NUK bottles, this is the one for you. A pretty decent personal pump offering effective suction, sturdy handle and easy cleaning in a fairly reasonable price.

3. Medela Harmony Hand-Held Breast Pump (Best for Increasing Milk Supply)

What can we say about Medela. It has a vast range of breast pumps and other feeding accessories (P.S. we have a whole article covering Medela range and pump parts). However, this one model is mine and many moms’ ultimate Medela Harmony-BPfavourite. We will tell you why:

  • Portable, can literally fit in your shoulder bag
  • Great suction
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Economic with cost just under $30
  • Little sound
  • Comes with the bottle holder to avoid spills
  • Convenient design to avoid strain on the back
  • Amazing flange design
  • Compatible with standard neck bottles of other brands

Although not meant for exclusive pumping, this pump ticks rest of the boxes.

4. Haaka Breast Pump (Best for Infrequent Pumping)Haaka Breast Pump

This cute little thing is a one piece model offering the simplest breast pumping possible. With just one squeeze, you can easily begin the flow. When you are on the go, want to pump while feeding the baby, just have an extra stash or having breast issues, this is the one for you. Plus, it’s just under 20 dollars so cost should be least of your worries. However, if you are planning on exclusive breast pumping, you might want to go for other pumps.

5. Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump (Ergonomically Comfortable, Best for Working Moms)Lansinoh Manual BP

Lansinoh has again moved one step forward in manual breast pumping and has provided women a pump that stimulates a let-down followed by smooth milk expression. The handle is also ergonomically more comfortable for a breast pump. The breast pump comes with close system which avoids milk contamination. Bottle stand, extra valves and spare diaphragm makes it one of the most picked models among manual pumps. However, it is only compatible with Lansinoh feeding bottles which are also moms’ favourites.

Breast feeding is an important part of mothering (if you plan on doing it obviously). And, a right pump can make things really easy for you not matter if you plan on exclusively breast feed or just do supplemented pumping.

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